Jeff Drullard

My art career started in Dallas, Texas as a pottery student at the creative art center. I spent two years with all mediums including sculpture, bronze, ceramic & stone. It was the year 1994 when the struggle for survival began as an artist emerged from a neanderthal man, working wonderfully in hand-building, slab and slump. I had found my way - a cave man in Birckenstocks, making hundreds of slab flower pots to this day.

In 1996 I left Texas and revisited Oregon, where my pottery continued to be my central vice. In Eugene, Oregon I found a most great opportunity in the Lane Community College art program, where my stone carving began & flourished. I made camp there for 6 years. I focused on the day-to-day process of hammer and chisel until the desired form would appear, or in many instances be accidentally obtained. One of my favorite tools, the wood rasp, would slowly appear in the dark recess of my neanderthal cave, followed closely by the riffler of many shapes & shadows as many visions of grandeur rose out of the smoke. Polishing was a great mediation for myself and time was my greatest tool. Ribbon in a disarrayed pile also held many possibilities, bringing this cave man into the light.

I am a 6th generation native in Northern California, born to a seamstress and a woodworker, thus art came from within. Only it wasn’t until many years later that the ceramics and stone working neanderthal would appear. I have no great degrees nor certificates, only a huge desire to create and enjoy time well spent in creating a finished piece for all to enjoy. My art enjoys collecting a fine layer of dust in local galleries in Central California.

Corps of Discovery